It was 2009 when Courtney Connolly’s wallet containing $141 in cash, her social security card, and ID was stolen out of her car while she was working a summer internship.

Now, 8 years later, it has somehow returned to its owner fully intact.

Someone gave the wallet to a Boston police officer on Monday, who then located Connolly’s address on a pay stub found inside.

The police officer then brought the wallet to Connolly’s sister-in-law’s house. When she was told about the return of her possessions, she was shocked.

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Nothing had been used, touched, or stolen. Even the fortune cookie message that was taped inside reading “Soon you will receive pleasant news” was still there.

The timing is more than ideal for Courtney – since she works as a nursing student, she hasn’t had the money to enter a powerlifting competition that she was passionate about. Coincidentally, the cash that she found in her long lost wallet is the exact amount that she needed to enter the competition.

“Some way or another the universe will come back and say, I see what you’re doing, I know you’re doing well, I know you’re trying to here’s your thank you for trying. I believe whole heartedly what this is,” Connolly told WFXT.

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