Over 700 teachers are rejoicing over a very special new world record: the most amount of crayons donated to a charity in under eight hours.

A massive donation drive for Los Angeles teachers managed to raise 1,009,500 gently-used crayons, thus setting a new Guinness World Record.

The drive was organized by Crayon Collection, a nonprofit that supports teachers, the environment, and arts education by donating gently-used crayons to educators.

As a means of celebrating the achievement in Westfield Culver City last week, an artist arranged the boxes of crayons into a maze that was slowly deconstructed as the supplies were distributed amongst the teachers. Dozens of kids participated in the Crayon Collection’s The Color Kindness Program, which involves rebagging donated crayons for other children, and including a handwritten note of kindness. Illustrators from Nickelodeon were even on hand to draw up some doodles for the kids in attendance.

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“Today was epic, it was a dream come true to see the face of these teachers have a little relief from all the spending they are forced to do on a daily basis at their schools,” said Crayon Collection’s founder and president Sheila Morovati. “We’re so proud and honored to serve this community in the way that we did today.”

According to the nonprofit, the average teacher spends $900 out of their own pocket each school year so their students can have the supplies they need. Studies have proven that children with arts education perform better in all subjects, including math, reading and writing.

But now, with a year’s supply of crayons in hand, these teachers are sure to help their kids succeed.

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