Smile film app by Yoko OnoIn the 1960s Yoko Ono conceived that her “ultimate film” would be one that included the smiling face of every person in the world. Now, her idea has come to life as an app.

The iPhone app, #smilesfilm, allows people around the world to view and upload snapshots of smiling faces. Users can also look at recently uploaded snapshots geographically on a map or view them in a moving slideshow chronologically.

Yoko thanked the people who had previously sent photos for her film, saying, “It’s so beautiful. I just didn’t know that there are so many beautiful people on Earth, since I am reading the papers every day of murders, bombings, and major pollution.”

“Like the song, IMAGINE, this film should be put in a capsule and send it out to the stratosphere and to the Universe!”

Now her App is doing just that — but without the capsule.

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