You may have already heard of goat yoga, but if you live in England, you can now attend alpaca yoga classes too.

Rosebud Alpacas has become the first place in Britain to offer yoga classes in a field full of fuzzy alpacas.

The tiny farm is located in the rolling English countryside of Devon. The owners, Nick and Lucy Aylett, say that the sanctuary has been hailed as the perfect place for calming exercise – so they decided to run their yoga classes in the same field where they keep their alpacas.



They say their alpaca yoga classes are a “unique experience” which are “great for mind, body and soul”.

“The alpacas live outside and the chickens are protected by the alpaca herd who are quick to alert everyone to any unwelcome visitors,” added Nick – although he says that they also want their land “to be an inviting place for others to come and enjoy.”



The pair say all their animals are “raised ethically with freedom of choice, their welfare being paramount”.

In addition to the alpaca yoga, the farm also offers alpaca walking, alpaca picnics, alpaca art sessions, and a special “alpaca connection” package.

The alpaca connection session is where guests are guided in meditations and have the opportunity to “walk amongst the herd in mindful observation”.



“The farm is our home and is a very special place that we would really love other people to enjoy too,” says Nick. “It’s a place where people can come to escape, take time out from technology and busy lives, a chance to spend time connecting with the land, the animals and each other.

“Our dream is for this place to also be a sanctuary for people to come and feel at home as well.”


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