woman cheers amid schoolkids (video screenshot)There is a good reason that the motto at one primary school in Perth, Australia extols the sentiment, “I got your back”.

When a roomful of young teens, grade 6 and 7, heard their teacher read a story about the youngest Australian soldier to be killed in Afghanistan, and how his mother was grieving, they wanted to reach out with love and support.

Each of the 32 students wrote a letter or designed a card reminding Suzanne Thomas that her eldest son James didn’t die in vain and offering their love and support in any way needed.

“Dear Ms Thomas. When you’re feeling down about this tragedy, just remember all the hugs he gave you (and) that no matter what, he loves you,” wrote Jade Hancock.

They all offered Suzanne advice, telling her to stay strong and be proud.

After hearing their teacher read the story, it made them want to go home and hug their own mothers.

James letter written by schoolboyAmong the red eyes and sniffles the kids said they wanted to let Suzanne know they “had her back”.

Suzanne was so moved that she arranged to make the long drive out to the foothills of Perth’s Darling Range to visit the class, where 32 classmates waiting excitedly to meet her.

(WATCH the story below, or READ the story – and see the letters – in the Herald Sun / PerthNow.com)

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