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Getting a celebrity to answer your messages is tough, but it helps when you look exactly alike.

When Anaïs Bordier spotted a woman who looked exactly like her in a movie trailer, she knew she had to write the actress.

“Dude, we’re totally twins!” Samantha Futerman wrote back.

They totally turned out to be just that.

Once they started talking, they discovered that not only did they have the same birthday, but they were also born in the same South Korean clinic before being adopted by parents in France and the U.S.nanny-reunites-with-boy-YenyZaera-FBphoto

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The two women met in London, had a DNA test and the results confirmed that they are identical twins.

And Samantha, who has appeared in “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Law and Order,” is adding a directing credit to her resume — she’s creating a documentary, “Twinsters,” about the unlikely reunion with the twin sister who found her.

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