zambian-girl-w-bike.jpgChildren shed tears of joy in Zambia as they received gifts of 100 bicycles from a Chicago charity this week. With the goal of making it easier for thousands of children in Africa to get to school, World Bicycle Relief plans to give away 50,000 bicycles in Zambia, where long distances and a lack of transportation keeps many children from going to school.

“Before getting a bicycle, I used to walk to school. It would take me 45 minutes. Now I can ride and reach the school within 15 minutes. I now get to school on time and have been appointed special status leader,”  said Harsha Dias, Grade 9, from Kaluara (photo, right, by Leah Missbach Day)

Get involved in the World Bicycle Relief on their website.

(Read the AP Story on Huff Post)

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