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Americans are the Most Generous, Global Poll Finds

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kindness foundersAmericans give more to help others than the residents of 152 other countries, according to a new global survey.

The poll, conducted last year with about 1,000 residents in each of 153 countries, tried to find out how many people donated money to a charity, volunteered their time, or helped a stranger in the previous month.

Following closely behind the United States (with a score of 60) was Ireland, with a score of 59, Australia (58), New Zealand (57), and the United Kingdom (57).

(READ the story in CS Monitor)

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I've begun using your Good News stories as centerpieces to my Sunday sermons at church. A Christian message is one of "good news' and our congregants thrive hearing these news items from the real world. It takes our Christian message to a new height.
 -Herb Pierson, Crystal Coast Unity Church, Morehead City, NC

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