Forget about dinner and a movie – why not spend use a date night with your significant other to make the world a better place as a team?

As a means of helping couples to blend volunteerism and romance, Do Good Date Night has made a list of ten things that you can do to use connective date nights to impact worthy causes.

The innovation 2-for-1 solution of Do Good Date Nights result in unique couple-centered activities that are engaging, enjoyable and satisfying for participants, while also being purposeful and impactful to charities.

Since the event was launched in 2015 by Kristen Manieri, a writer and podcast host who founded a national network of date night websites, the concept of philanthropic date nights has since spread across the country.

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“I believe most people want to do something to support their communities but struggle to find the balance of busy, everyday life with the desire to give back,” says Manieri. “That’s why volunteerism date nights are a much-needed win-win! Couples spend quality time together while impacting causes close to their hearts.”

Couples can participate in or host official Do Good Date Night events – or they can independently employ the concept on their own.

So here are 10 ways to make the world a better place with your better half.

1. Oh Baby: Pause on cuddling one another to snuggle with babies. Some hospitals encourage cuddlers to cozy up to preemies and other cuties in need.

2. Dish It Out: Satisfy your craving to combat hunger by collecting goods from neighbors to deliver to shelters, volunteering at food banks to sort/organize donations, cook for families at the Ronald McDonald House (a residence for those accessing hospital care) or drive meals to home-bound patients.

3. Be Homebodies: Habitat for Humanity grants couples the building blocks to construct homes for families in need.

4. Make Love a Shore Thing: Align with beach preservation organizations to infuse your sand and surf agenda with a shore clean-up effort.

5. Respect Thy Elders: Read stories, have lunch, run errands or just listen to senior citizens at hospitals or assisted living facilities.

6. Salute the Troops: Show your gratitude with care packages or pitch in at Veteran’s Association centers.

7. Let Love Bloom: Volunteer with urban gardening programs.

8. Sharing is Caring: Donate clothing, housewares, etc. to secondhand resale stores or domestic violence shelters.

9. Embrace Puppy Love: Help animal shelters by walking dogs, gifting food/toys or distributing adoption flyers.

10. Let Your Hearts Race: Run the course of life together while impacting causes you love.

Do Good Date Night combines volunteerism with date night by giving couples access to fun and rewarding service experiences in their communities. It’s a division of the parent company, Date Night Guide, a network of city-wide and national content empowering couples to love, laugh and live their best life together through fun experiences and real relationship insight.

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