Because of lax exotic animal–protection laws, Maggie the macaque became a pet monkey for a family who wasn’t equipped to care for her. So for 10 years, Maggie was confined to a cramped cage and fed french fries and other junk food. After the initial thrill wore off, they tried to find other living arrangements for Maggie, without success. Finally, when the Indiana woman’s homeowners insurance company threatened to cancel her policy, she became desperate to place Maggie in a better home. heard about their plight and arranged for Maggie to be transported to a primate rescue sanctuary in Kentucky. There, she was treated for captivity-related conditions—including depression and chronic gastrointestinal disease due to the poor diet.

Maggie has made huge progress and was sent to her permanent home at the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation sanctuary in Kendalia, Texas. Once she becomes better acclimated, she’ll be introduced to the other residents there—and for the first time since she was torn away from her mother’s side more than a decade ago, she’ll get to meet other monkeys face to face. She’ll enjoy fresh and healthy food, climb trees, swim in a pool, interact with her new friends, and finally get to be a monkey.

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  1. I’m an ardent animal lover so stories like this really make me mad! Why couldn’t these people be satisfied with a ferret or a sugar glider if they felt the need to have an “exotic” pet? And why feed it so poorly? If food costs were an issue, I bet that with a little bit of legwork and phone calls, they could have easily found a restaurant (or a school, caterer, grocery store, retirement home etc) that would’ve gladly donated their veggie and fruit scraps to them. Luckily the story has a happy ending and I hope that this ill-prepared family is banned from “owning” such pets in the future.

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