Georgina, from Zambia, on of 100 children“Living Compassion” made this video to show you the faces of the first 100 children they are feeding and schooling in far away Zambia. The kids will remind you of your neice, your neighbor, or your child. They are happy because they are, for the first time, being fed and educated — by lovely volunteers from America. These 100 Children live in a slum in one of the poorest countries in the world, but you can’t tell by their faces. You must see these 100 children and hear the inspiring story of the Kantolomba Project…

The Kantolomba Project is undertaking no less that the complete transformation of an African village. “From clean water, to safe housing to medical care to substantial, sustainable employment… the creation of a self-sufficient community.” “Living Compassion” does this work, they say, “Not because there is something wrong or something to fix, but rather because we are moved to participate in life with our fellow human beings.”

After you see the children, please visit the Kantolomba project website and donate the money you would spend on just two Cafe-latte-mocha-chino-espresso-grande’s with skim. Join us at the Good News Network as we help the Kantolomba project meet their goal of raising $100,000 by year’s end — they are nearly there! Please donate any amount. (The music, “I can see the beloved in you,” is by Karen Drucker.)


  1. Wonderful
    What a wonderful gift to give a small village in Africa as well as their children. To read the article was one thing, to view the accompanying video was another. And to imagine the children there, with smiles, big smiles, on their faces is amazing. It really makes me think, that everything I complain about is definitely not worth complaining about. Great article/video.

  2. Thank you
    I have undertaken a daily practice to spend a few minutes each day with these good news items. I see them as an antidote to our culture of (needless) fear.

    Thank you so much for this video. I’d like to figure out how to link to it from my own blog…

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