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French comedian Jérôme Jarre and Mexican Juanpa Zurita gave 100 kids from the slums of Morro da Providencia the gift of a lifetime when they brought them to watch the Olympic games for free.

Jarre and Zurita are well-known on the internet for their pranks and social work around the world.

The comedians reached Casa Amarela, an institution that develops cultural and social work at the Morro da Providencia in Rio, and were responsible for choosing which lucky kids got to watch the games.

“I know this is very little when you compare it to their needs, but I believe the world changes every time someone does something small in benefit of others.” Jerome wrote on Instagram.

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Juanpa posted a picture with a child in front of the Engenhao stadium saying “Taking this little one to the Olympics has amazing. This is my little brother for a night: his name is Carlos and this has been a great experience for both of us.”

The director of Casa Amarela, Juliana Luna, said that she was surprised when the comedians got in touch with her. “The kids attended many games, but we can’t afford to support that many kids on a regular basis so we asked for the help of another social program to bless these kids.”

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