segways-for-vets-ceremony at the AlamoOne week after the Segway firm’s owner died while riding one of the two-wheeled transporters, he was scheduled to be honored for providing 1,000 Segways to wounded American troops.

Jimi Heselden’s generous gift was scheduled to be announced this week at a Segs4Vets presentation ceremony at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

“We were looking forward to thanking Jimi in person and are pained that we will not be able to do so,” said Jerry Kerr, President of Disability Rights Advocates for Technology (DRAFT).

The DRAFT organization sponsors the Segs4Vets program, which donates Segways to injured military veterans, helping them become mobile beyond what a wheelchair can provide.

Jimi’s personal gift means that Segs4Vets will triple the number of recipients over the next few years and move closer to their dream of a device for every disabled vet who needs one.

The program has presented more than 500 Segways to wounded warriors since 2005. The Segway has literally transformed their lives offering unprecedented mobility. Now they can keep up with their families on vacations, at the park, in the mall. It allows them to stand tall, look people in the eye and fulfill dreams despite their disabilities.

The founding members of DRAFT discovered that the Segway as a mobility device, was, for some disabled people, easier to use and more adaptable to varied environments than a wheelchair with its limitations. The device has found a loyal following among the disabled even though it is not considered a medical device under federal law.

WATCH the video below to see what the Segway does for wounded vets…


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