Good News Stories Stories About 9/11

Good News Stories Stories About 9/11

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thank-you-liberty-cardOver on our Facebook Page, I’m posting eleven good news stories today in honor of the American first responders and citizens of many nations who contributed to a mountain of goodwill and charity following the attacks of September 11, 2001 eleven years ago.

Traffic to the Good News Network spiked dramatically on that day, and the days afterward, while people searched for good news to counteract the horror and tears.

If you never heard the most inspiring story of that day–what happened in the tiny town of Gander, in Newfoundland–you can read that here: Tiny Town in Newfoundland Hosts 10,000 Stranded Airline Passengers on 9-11

Massai warriors w/ US flags and 9/11 messages of supportAnother story, which I posted last year on the 9/11 anniversary, is an unforgettable response that came from Africa after the tragedy, A Massai Warrior’s Unexpected Gift to America.

Also check out or download my 8-page newsletter released one month after 9/11, which collected all the stories of people pitching in to help in unusual and touching ways.

Here’s wishing for peace on this solemn anniversary…