Massai warriors w/ US flags and 9/11 messages of support

In the days following 9/11, Americans were in shock and grieving—but so were others around the world who offered extraordinary gestures of support to a country that had been devastated by terrorist attacks.

On distant shores, Iran’s then-President Mohammad Khatami condemned the attacks, Ireland and Israel held full national days of mourning, and the Afghan Taliban issued a statement to “American children” saying,  “Afghanistan feels your pain”.

One of the most touching reactions of all came from a “destitute Kenyan boy-turned-Stanford-student who rallied his Masai tribe to offer its most precious gift” to America in her time of grief.

Earlier that year, Kimeli Naiyomah, a US-educated doctor and massai warrior had been in New York City, and the events of 9/11 touched him deeply.He had to figure out a way to help the country that had given him so much.

After telling the tribal leaders the story of the World Trade Center, it so moved them that they agreed to donate a living gift of cows.

(READ the inspiring story at CNN)

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