25 years after it disappeared, a long lost purse has resurfaced at the end of a boy’s fishing rod—and its owner was shocked to be reunited with it after an 11-year-old boy did the right thing.

Brodie Brocks was fishing at Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina when he reeled in a waterlogged purse.

Surprisingly, everything inside was intact: makeup, baby photos, credit cards, and even a high school diploma  — all inside a pocketbook with the owner’s name printed inside.

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What was even more incredible was how Brocks’s relatives recognized the name in the pocketbook as their family friend April Bolt.

When Bolt was told that they had discovered her purse, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

The purse had disappeared off of a boat that Bolt had boarded during a family cookout in 1992. Bolt assumed that it had been stolen – but she was even more happy to find that everything was still in relatively good shape.

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