A young girl has invented a spill proof cup for her grandfather whose unsteady hands were causing him to spill drinks.

Lily Born of Chicago began imaging solutions a few years ago dreaming of ways to help him cope better with Parkinson’s. Then, she had an idea to attach legs onto his tumbler to prevent it from spilling. The Kangaroo Cup was born.

The first ceramic version proved too breakable and uncomfortable to hold so Lilly and her parents went back to the drawing board. This week they have successfully raised money with an online Kickstarter campaign to fund the improvements.

The new cups made with moldable prototyping plastic are stackable, unbreakable, and microwave & dishwasher safe. Still tip-resistant, the new three-legged design has an elevated base reducing the need for a coaster, and is made with BPA-free plastic.

The campaign is essentially pre-selling the 9-ounce cups — for instance, a set of four for $25. They already have raised $37,000 with still 26 days to go.

“Just because you’re a kid, doesn’t mean you can’t do big and great things’, the pre-teen designer says.

WATCH their video below…


  1. Outstanding Lily! Really well done! It’s people like you that start out dreaming small (just trying to figure out a way to help grandpa) but end up helping the masses and making an honest buck in the process. For instance, I have a condition called “In-tension Tremors” that at times cause my hands to shake badly as I extend my arm to reach for something such as a coffee cup. While my condition is not nearly as severe as your grandfather’s, it may be someday and now I know I can enjoy my coffee instead of decorating the table with it! I see a bright future for you Lily and your grandfather, parents, family, friends and teachers must be incredibly proud of you!

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