Dog Treadmill - Doug Foster PhotoKam Gottlieb of Wilmette, Illinois was inspired by photographs of charity work a friend’s mom did in Haiti so she decided to do some good work of her own.

She loves animals but didn’t want to simply walk dogs at the local shelter, especially because of the winter temperatures near Chicago. But she was concerned about the animals getting enough exercise. Her mother mentioned the rising popularity of dog treadmills. She instantly knew it could be her passion to raise money to buy treadmills for the pups stuck in shelters.

She started raising money at the end of third grade.

The following school year, she showed her class a Powerpoint presentation, sold glow-in-the-dark rubber bracelets and held events, like a tiki party where people were asked to bring $5.

When a treadmill manufacturer DogPACER heard about her purchase, they were so inspired that they decided to match her donation. They gave her a second treadmill to donate to the shelter of her choice.

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Photo credit: Doug Foster

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