Every day, we’re learning more about brave heroes who selflessly risked their own lives to help strangers during the shooting in Las Vegas – and one of the most recent heroes to reach the limelight was only a teen.

Jacquelyn Trujillo, a 17-year-old Army private, was attending the Route 91 Harvest festival to celebrate her return home from basic training with the Army National Guard. “It was like a dream come true,” she said about her night.

But things quickly changed when the bullets started raining over the crowd and chaos broke out.

“They all said, ‘Oh fireworks, it’s the speakers,’” she remembered. But she knew from her training that it was something far worse. “The sound is really familiar to me.”

“It was like being in a war zone,” Jacquelyn recalled. “We had to low-crawl while they’re firing rounds above our heads.”

The Army private grabbed her sister Francesca and started to run in a zig-zag, the way she’d been taught in training.

“She completely flipped into military mode,” Francesca said. The sisters ducked behind a wall, where a stranger named Tammy Dean was trying to stay safe.

“They saved me,” Tammy said.

Jacquelyn and Tammy eventually reunited over video chat. During the emotional meeting, Tammy admitted she owes her life to the young Army private.

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