Hunt Family photoA Texas TV station aired a story in September about Seth Miller, who aged out of the foster care system, after growing up without a family since he was seven.

After the report was broadcast, showing him living in his car, emails came pouring-in with offers of money for food and rent, and even a set of new tires for the young man.

But even better, Seth will be enjoying his first proper Thanksgiving after being offered the one thing he’s always wanted. A family.

Not only that, the parents offering adoption have an 11-year-old daughter who is actually Miller’s biological sister, though they had never met.

“Miller has moved into their home, with several other brothers and sisters,” according to WFAA. “He attends their sporting and school events, cheering from the sidelines.”

Recently, he played in an adult baseball game for the first time. In foster care as a child, Miller dreamed of playing a team sport, but never had the opportunity.

He now calls Ara Hunt “mom.”


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