Good customer service can lead to great tips — but this gratuity left restaurant staff stunned and speechless.

A regular customer at Blue 44 in Chevy Chase, Maryland finished eating dinner with a friend and asked for some gumbo to take with them. Head chef James Turner fixed them up with two quarts — and said there’d be no charge.

That’s when the diner left a $2,000 tip on his $93 bill, and specified the condition that it be split three ways: $1,000 to Turner and $500 each to bartender Laura Dally and owner Christofer Nardelli.

“I’m still shocked it happened,” Turner posted the next day on his Facebook page.Dairy Queen worker stands up for blind man-KARETVvid

Fast Food Worker Who Stood Up For Blind Customer Gets National Praise


Although not as big a tip as the one earlier this month, left by an art mogul in his will for his two favorite waitresses, Dally says her $500 share will pay for one of her college classes this summer.

The big tipper wants to remain anonymous, but he’s likely to get the star treatment the next time he drops in for gumbo.

(WATCH the video below or READ more at WJLA News)

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