This elementary school teacher took a break from mathematics and science so she could teach her students a valuable life lesson instead.

Jasmyn Wright, a 3rd grade teacher at Mastery Charter Schools in Philadelphia, decided to inspire her students using a simple – but effective – call and response exercise.

“What if it’s too hard?” Wright asks her students.

They respond with “I’m gonna push through!”

“What if it’s too tough?”

“I’m gonna push through!”

“What if you’re too young?”

“That ain’t true!”

VIDEOInstead of Telling Student Not to Cry, Instructor Gives The Best Life Advice Ever

Jasmyn, who is also a spoken word poet, shared her lesson on Facebook where it has been viewed 3.4 million times.

“[I am] humbled. Look at my babies shine,” Jasmyn wrote on Facebook following the video’s fame. “Anybody, any race, any religion, any ethnicity, any gender, any orientation, any location, any disability, any age, any height, any setting, any hardship, any confusion, any doubt, any distraction, or any story, can #PushThrough.”

(WATCH the video below)


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