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These four musketeers from a war long past have reunited to recreate an iconic photo of their friendship from fifty years ago.

Once the Vietnam war was over, these U.S. Marines, haunted by the emotional stress of combat, let their friendships slip away with the bad memories.

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After growing old and having kids, the four remained separated–until Bob Falk (pictured, right) came across a memorial page created by Tom Hanks (standing, center) in commemoration of one of their fallen Vietnam war buddies.

The two rekindled their friendship and resolved to find the other guys so they could recreate the photo of their younger days in San Diego, 50 years ago.

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The new version of the memorable photo from May, 1966, was taken at Cinnamon Beach, Florida and though their likenesses have aged, the results are definitely one for the photo album.

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