med students Flickr photo -CCThe Denver Post demonstrated how the Affordable Care Act of 2010 is helping people and businesses save money and stay healthy in a column that features four powerful testimonials showcasing specific reforms that are working.

1) Preventive care saves lives. Kathy Leinz is proof. She felt perfectly fine, but a routine checkup found aggressive colon cancer: “Obamacare” is making preventive care available with no co-pays or cost-sharing, to halt a serious disease at an early stage.

2) Shockingly, Sonji Wilkes was advised to get a divorce so her 8-year-old son could qualify for Medicaid after treatment for his severe hemophilia had brought the family to the brink of its “lifetime cap” in several different insurance policies: Insurance companies can no longer impose lifetime limits on care, and as of 2014 annual caps will also be a thing of the past.

3) As the owner of a small business, Chris Crigler wanted to offer his employees health care coverage. Without it, he couldn’t hire the qualified managers he needs. But he couldn’t afford it when small businesses are paying 18 percent more than large businesses for the same coverage: He is thrilled with new federal small-business tax credits that are helping him to pay half of his employee’s premiums with a 25-35% credit through 2013 — and after 2014, 50 percent.

4) Thanks to federal health reform David Taft’s parents were allowed to keep the graduate student on their family’s policy until he turns 26. He can now receive preventive care and peace of mind while he finishes his masters degree, volunteers for AmeriCorps, and concentrating on his future.

(READ the column in the Denver Post)

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