Saturday was the first good snow of the season in Bigfork, Montana.

Ilene Gembala, who is a 94-year-old resident of the Rising Mountains assisted living center, told her caregiver she loved the snow and wanted to make a snow angel.

“At first we weren’t sure we should accommodate this request because it was pretty cold (30 degrees),” said Amanda Douglas in a message to Good News Network.

She’s in a wheelchair and it might prove difficult for them to get her down to the ground and then back up again.

“Well, we decided she’s a Montana girl that can handle the cold and that we would make it work. So after figuring out the logistics, getting approval from her daughter, and bundling her up, we took Ilene outside.”

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She loved it! And the caretakers, who also recorded a video for Facebook, felt very accomplished.

“She had a visitor later that day and was bragging about going outside and doing a snow angel—it was pretty cute!”

Douglas added, “We were so glad that we could make this wish come true for her, because when you’re 94 years old you should be able to do what you want.”

WATCH the video below…

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