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She bragged all day long that she got to go outside and make a snow angel, after a caring staff hauled her wheelchair out into the cold.

High percentages of American adults suffer from obesity, but this new health study shows that there may be hope on the horizon for expanding waistlines.

It’s every mother’s nightmare. Somehow a toddler had a mishap in the water and was next seen floating lifelessly down the stream. A Seattle mom...

With the abundance of grizzlies making a comeback in Yellowstone National Park, the hefty mammals might be off the list for good.

When an El Al flight from Israel to California developed a problem, it was forced to land in Montana–where a problem of a different...
Montana ranch and mountains

Just two months ago, Brett Nedens wasn’t sure this day would come, or whether he’d want to witnesses it if it did. Harvest time....
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A man named Tom Morgan is making some of the most expensive and sought-after fly fishing rods in the world, which he does despite...
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After trying to fetch a big stick, the Boston Terrier was suddenly at the bottom of the clear lake, motionless, breathless and lifeless. Pastor...
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Two Virginia veterinarians reported missing while hiking in Glacier National Park were found alive yesterday, after their families raised the alarm Friday when they...

Labrador Retrievers are known for their hunting skills and friendly dispositions, but Beau, a black Lab who lives in Montana, is winning acclaim for...