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California Governor Signs Ban on Orca Breeding and Entertainment

This bill will ensure that killer whales will no longer have to suffer the abuse of ocean parks and captive breeding in California.

Boaters Shocked When Clever Seal Hops on Board to Escape Orcas (WATCH)

This seal may have been dead meat from the pod of pursuing killer whales if it hadn't been for Kirk Fraser's passing ship.

Orca Cries Out For People To Help Her, Humans Answer With 6-Hour Rescue

It was an orca’s version of calling 911 — and these humans rushed to help the killer whale stranded on a rocky shoreline in...

SeaWorld Ends Captive Breeding of Orcas at All its Parks

SeaWorld announced that it is ending its killer whale breeding program, and also for its last generation of orcas it will provide only natural...

SeaWorld to End Orca Whale Shows in California (WATCH)

After plunging attendance and a state commission banning captive breeding of Orcas, SeaWorld is stopping its killer whale shows in San Diego.

Baby Boom Surprise For World’s Most Endangered Orcas

There’s a baby boom going on among a clan of the world’s most endangered killer whales. Whale watchers off the British Columbia coast have sighted a...

Pope Stops Motorcade to Bless Disabled Woman

Pope Francis once again demonstrated his love for the "common man" by stopping his car to get out and bless a disabled woman brought...
Orca whales in Canada - YouTube

Lucky Whale Watchers: Dozens of Orcas Show Off

A huge orca pod showed-off for whale watchers in Active Pass off the shores of Galiano Island in Canada. They posted the video on YouTube,...
Dog on ocean with whale -Conservation Canines photo

Tracking Subtle Scent, a Dog Helps Save the Orca Whales

A dog named Tucker with a mysterious past as a stray on the streets of Seattle has become an unexpected star in the realm...

After $9 Was Stolen From Girl’s Lemonade Stand, Community Gives Her $350 to Pay It Forward

After a group of youngsters stole $9 from a little girl running a lemonade stand, dozens of neighbors rallied behind her charitable mission.

La Primera Cadena de Supermercados en El Reino Unido Eliminará el Plástico Evitando que 1.300 Toneladas Lleguen al Campo

Esta semana la cadena de supermercados más grande en el Reino Unido se ha comprometido a eliminar al rededor de 1.284 toneladas de plástico...

Rather Than End Up in a Landfill, Non-Recyclable Glass May Soon Be a Cheaper New Ingredient in Concrete

Australian researchers have developed an exciting new technique for making concrete out of non-recyclable glass that has been turned back into sand. The team found...

Celebrity Chefs Are Serving Up Thousands of Meals to California Firefighters and Evacuees

Companies, celebrities, and television chefs are all coming together to assist in the wake of the California wildfires.

Two Countries Now Protecting Ocean Area Twice the Size of Germany

Two countries have just ensured the preservation of their ocean habitats – and it is being hailed as a huge victory for marine conservation...

Watch Rescuers Scale Cliff to Save Crying 1-Day-old Seal

When this 1-day-old baby seal was abandoned by her mother on a beach, these rescuers stopped at nothing to rescue her. A pedestrian first spotted...

Clever Pup Opens 4 Doors So He Can Reunite With His Family (WATCH)

General the dog just reenacted The Great Escape without even batting an eyelash.

Strangers Save Elderly Resident From Having to Leave Nursing Home

Carrie Lou Rausch has lived in the same nursing home for the last three years. The money she received from selling her childhood home has been...

‘Naked’ Penguin is Warmer After This Special Wetsuit was Created

Adelie the penguin was too cold without her feathers to keep her warm – so specialists made her a sweet wetsuit to mimic her natural coat.

Nadal Stops His Tennis Game So Woman Can Find Her Missing Child (WATCH)

Thanks to Raphael Nadal and a little help from the crowd, this distraught mother was reunited with her daughter during a world-class exhibition match.

This Cheap, Portable Solar Panel Will Be the iPad of Renewables

These new sustainable electric devices are being called real game-changers for a more accessible solar market.