Pope Francis once again demonstrated his love for the “common man” by stopping his car to get out and bless a disabled woman brought on a gurney to the side of the road.

The family in Calabria, Italy had hung large banners on roadside buildings saying, “Francesco Stop! Here is an angel”, and “Dear Papa, Bless our young Roberta.”

Pamela Mauro, the young woman’s sister, had little hope that her signs would cause the Pontiff to stop, but this is Francis.

Traveling in a motorcade in the back seat of a blue Ford Focus that slowed to a stop, he quickly emerged and began to bless the lady as well as two children in the small group. To shouts of “Bravo” and “Grazie,” he waved to everyone, shook hands and got back in the car.

The whole scene was caught on video and posted on YouTube by Ivan parfenie.

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