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After Years of Research, Scientists Finally Develop Army-Ready Pizza That Can Cheer Hungry Soldiers in the Field

Pizza may not seem like the most pressing problem for soldiers in the field, but it makes a huge difference for the ones eating it overseas.

Americans Donated 10,000 Pizzas to Voters Waiting in Long Lines on Election Day Thanks to Pizza Nonprofit

By the end of Election Day, Pizza to the Polls had delivered free pies to hungry voters at 576 polling places in 43 states.

Charging Your Electric Vehicle Will Soon Be as Easy as Ordering a Pizza Delivery

A tech company plans on easing the “road anxiety” of electric vehicle drivers by offering cheap, fast, and portable charging services.

Shop Has Given Away 142,000 Slices of Pizza, Continuing Dad’s Mission for the Homeless

Before Mike Stevens's passing in 2017, he insisted on feeding anyone who was less fortunate – and now, his family is continuing the mission.

Listen to Pizza Delivery Guy’s Stunning Performance When He Asks Family to Play Their Piano

Bryce Dudal was delighted to entertain his customers with an impromptu piano performance – and they were astonished by what they heard.

When Pizza Driver Gets into Accident, Firefighters Deliver the Hot Pizza Themselves

These firefighters went above and beyond for a pizza delivery driver who had gotten into a car collision before being able to finish the job.

Pizza Chain is Fixing Streets and Filling Potholes Across America

As a means of keeping their pies safe on the road, this pizza chain is paving over road cracks and potholes across the US.

Single Mom Pizza Delivery Driver Moved to Tears After Church Surprises Her With Massive Tip

Monique Hall is a single mother-of-two who thought she was called for an ordinary pizza delivery. Then, the congregants of a church overwhelmed her with a surprise.

Funeral Home Hosts Pizza Parties to Take the Sting Out of Death So People Will Pre-Plan Their Funerals

Some people might be a bit too uncomfortable with death to pre-plan their funeral. That's why Krause Funeral Homes is throwing free pizza parties.

Pizza Hut Workers Use Kayaks to Deliver Free Pies During Disaster

We have already heard about dozens of relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey – but this story sets a new bar for...

Missing 4-Year-Old Found After Man 5,000 Miles Away Uses Pizza to Lure Kidnapper

When a man had kidnapped his daughter away from her rightful guardians, she was finally found three weeks later thanks to the efforts of...

When Pizza Man’s Car Breaks Down, He Doggedly Delivers Pizza on Foot

This pizza delivery driver went above and beyond the call of duty after his car broke down earlier this month – and his grateful...

Student Who Wrote About Pizza in Application is Accepted to Yale

Carolina Williams is telling her fellow college applicants that they shouldn't be afraid to take risks. This is evidenced by how she was accepted to Yale...

Newspapers Are Paying it Forward During Tragedies With Pizza

The @BostonGlobe sent us pizza to keep us going. Thanks friends.— Manchester News MEN (@MENnewsdesk) May 24, 2017   The Boston Globe has just continued...

Delivery Man Brings Pizza to Passenger Aboard Stalled Train

This pizza delivery man must have received a hefty tip after he actually delivered a pie to a stranded train passenger. Logan McHugh was on...

Airline Delights Thousands of Stranded Passengers with Free Pizza

When these Delta passengers couldn’t make their flight, the airline instead decided to treat everyone to a bite. Thunderstorms and tornado warnings caused almost 3,000 flights...

Chef Delivers Free Pizza, Water to Drivers Stuck in Traffic

A pizza chef is being hailed for his generosity after he personally delivered pizza and water to dozens of drivers stuck in traffic. Cars were...

Couple Wins Free Pizza For a Year, Donates it to Homeless Shelter Instead

It would be hard to turn down $500 worth of free pizza, but Hannah Spooner didn't think twice about passing the prize on to those less fortunate.

Birthday Boy Delivers 100 Pizzas to Flood Victims, Inspires Others To Do The Same

When the Facebook community heard about Carson's selfless act of kindness, the pies started pouring in to feed the less fortunate Louisiana evacuees.

Kevin Bacon Surprises Teachers at Their Year End Pizza Party

While on location in the small town of Marfa, Texas, Kevin Bacon used his free time to drop by a school district end-of-year teacher...