Photo by Angelo’s Pizza

Rather than using milk cartons to raise awareness for missing persons, a New Jersey pizzeria has come up with a clever new way to help search for lost pets.

Angelo’s Pizza restaurant in Matawan has started attaching lost animal flyers to their pizza boxes as a means of helping frantic pet owners reunite with their furry friends.

The owner of the restaurant, John Sanfratello, said he got the idea for the initiative after he saw a neighbor’s Facebook post about a missing cat.

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Sanfratello was particularly struck by the post because the cat looked just like his own feline companion who once went missing for an entire week.

He then published a note to the pizzeria’s Facebook page telling pet owners that he would begin attaching their missing animal flyers to all of his pizza boxes free of charge.

“We don’t care if owners are customers or not, I’m concerned about how we can help,” Sanfratello told Good Morning America. “This is a small gesture on our part, but [pets] are family members after all.”

Photo by Angelo’s Pizza

Since Sanfratello publicized the restaurant’s missing pet initiative on Facebook, they have handed out dozens of flyers for three missing pets in the Matawan area. Additionally, Sanfratello has several family members who have been inspired to hand out missing animal flyers from their own New Jersey restaurants.

“We need to find as many pets as we can,” he told GMA. “And we need to raise awareness, so that hopefully more businesses become involved on a local level.”

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