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Man Praises Taco Bell Hot Sauce for ‘Saving’ His Life After Being Trapped in His Car for 5 Days

An Oregon man is crediting his leftover Taco Bell hot sauce packets as the thing that kept him going during his five days spent in the snowy wilderness.

Taco Bell Cashier Has Written Hundreds of Kind Messages on Customer Receipts to Brighten Their Days

This 27-year-old Taco Bell employee is receiving an outpouring of praise in recognition for her small labor of love.

Taco Bell is Committing to Making Sure That All of Their Employees Can Go Through College

Employees don't even have to put in a specific amount of time to claim the benefits, either – they can claim the educational perks on day one.

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut Drop Artificial Ingredients

Fast food restaurants are racing to embrace more natural ingredients on their menus. Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are the latest chains to announce they’ll...

KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut Commit to Deforestation-free Palm Oil

The company that owns fast-food restaurants KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut joined the trend toward sustainability by announcing on Friday it plans to...

Taco Bell Surprises Down Syndrome Boy After His Speech About Burritos

With the help of his education assistant, a boy with Down Syndrome researched the history of his favorite food, the burrito. Even though the...
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Hoax Prompts Free Food From Taco Bell for Alaska Town

Bethel, Alaska is a town so remote that it has a total of zero fast food restaurants. No Burger King. No McDonalds. No KFC...

What’s the Kindest Thing You’ve Ever Done? Here Are the Best Deeds People Say Strangers Have Done for Them

This new survey of 2,000 Americans says that people were also 22% more likely to commit a good deed after being shown kindness themselves.

Restaurant Offers Free Pizzas in Exchange for Groups Giving Up Their Phones During a Meal

As a means of bringing family and friends together over a hot meal, this California restaurant offers free pizzas to patrons who put away their phones.

Social Media is Melting Over Cashier’s Kindness Towards Special Needs Girl at the Supermarket – Watch

This 9-year-old girl doesn't often say “I love you” to anyone, let alone strangers – but this compassionate supermarket cashier deserved an exception.

Disney Offers to Pay Tuition for 80,000 Hourly Workers

The corporation is making thousands of dreams come true by offering free tuition to all of their hourly part-time and full-time employees.

Yum! Brands Now Gives New Parents Generous Extended Family Leave

Yum! Brands yesterday announced a new expanded parental time-off policy as part of the company’s bid to stay competitive in the corporate market, and...

Starbucks to Give 5 Million Free Meals to the Hungry This Year

Starbucks is crediting the employees in their local stores for brewing up a plan to donate 100% of the company’s leftover food to charities...

Humane Trend as More Major Food Companies Choose Cage-Free Eggs

Restaurant chains Denny's and Quizno's are the latest to pledge their intention to buy only cage-free eggs following a transition period. They join McDonald’s, Subway, Burger...
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Teen Spends More Than $500 Buying Gifts For Homeless

A Minnesota high school senior is a picture of the holiday season of giving, donating her entire paycheck to buy Christmas gifts for more...

Fast Food Operator Kicks In $80 Million to Help Feed Schoolchildren

Lunches for over 200 million hungry schoolchildren in the developing world will be delivered, thanks to a commitment of $80 million by leading restaurant...

Small Migrant Group Wins Fairer Treatment

Farm Laborers Win Fairer Wages, Protections from Fast Food Company Even though this story is nearly eight months old, it is a...

Woman Publicly Thanks Friends For How They Risked Stepping Up During Her Bout With Depression

Not many people know how to help a friend who is suffering from depression – which is why film critic and writer Sheila O'Malley...
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Press Room and Publicity Clips CBS Evening News Katie Couric's Notebook (Video) “The Good News Network is devoted to all the good news that's fit to print......
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Healthiest Cities in US: Lincoln, Nebraska is #1

The top four healthiest cities for 2007 according to the US Centers for Disease Control are: Lincoln, Nebraska; Fargo, North Dakota; Boulder, Colorado; and...