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Blind, Deaf Dog Inspires Man to Pair Dozens of Recovering Veterans With Hard-to-Adopt Shelter Pups

Not only does the initiative help free up shelter space, it also brings loving companionship to at-risk pups and lonely veterans suffering from PTSD.

Deaf Teen Thanks Flight Attendant for Handwritten Note That ‘Meant the World’ to Her During Her First Flight Alone

A compassionate flight attendant is being praised for her small act of kindness towards an anxious teen who was flying solo for the first time.

Researchers Discover Proteins That Could Soon Restore Damaged Hearing and Irreversible Deafness

Researchers have just discovered a genetic tool in mice which could soon treat irreversible deafness and hearing loss.

There Are Now 100 New Sign Language Terms for Scientific Words Thanks to This Deaf Student

Deaf scientists will no longer have to spell out long complex biological names thanks to the efforts of one determined university student.

An Entire School Started Learning Sign Language to Welcome Their First Ever Deaf Student

The students at this elementary school in Maine have begun learning sign language in order to welcome 6-year-old Morie Belanger to their ranks.

Deaf Puppy Gets Sign Language Lessons After Being Adopted By Man Who is Also Deaf

This deaf puppy has been given a new lease on life after being adopted by a man who is also deaf.

This 2-Year-Old Deaf Girl Loves People – So Her Whole Neighborhood is Learning Sign Language

As a means of having a conversation with their friendly little neighbor, this entire community is learning sign language.

Smart Caption Glasses Allow Deaf Audience Members to Watch Live Theater Performers Directly

Sign language interpreters are not always present for live performances – but these new glasses mean that deaf spectators can enjoy the show anyway.

Watch Deaf Janitor’s Emotional Reaction to Children’s Birthday Surprise

James Anthony has been working in the same school district as a janitor for the last 30 years, but during one particular school day...

Everyone in This Village Can Speak Sign Language So Deaf Residents Can Be Treated Equally

Instead of ostracizing their deaf residents, this little village made up their own form of sign language so everyone could communicate.

Husky Saves Deaf Hiker After She Tumbled 700 Feet – and It’s Not the First Time He’s Saved a Stranger in Alaska

A dog is being hailed for saving the life of a deaf student who was struggling through the Alaskan wilderness – and after news...

15-Year-old Melts the Hearts of Airline Passengers When She Befriends Blind and Deaf Passenger

An airline passenger's Facebook post went viral after Lynette Scribner published a moving photo and story about the kindness of strangers on her most recent flight: She...

Watch When Doting Dad is Reduced to Tears Over Singing to His Adoring Deaf Son

A doting dad's emotional moment with his deaf son Judah is melting hearts around the world – and it's not hard to see why. 25-year-old...

Mom Develops New App That Alerts Deaf Parents to When and Why Their Babies Are Crying

Deaf parents who have tested the app say that it has already become an invaluable tool for taking care of their infant children.

Despite Being Blind and Partially Deaf, Man Has Traveled Solo to 125 Countries on 7 Continents

When Tony Giles first went to America as a teenager, he knew that he wanted to travel the world – and he has been to 125 countries ever since.

Deaf Senior Dog is Found After 9 Months in Frigid Mountain Wilderness

The Cameron family had given up on their senior dog ever returning from the treacherous mountain wilderness – until they were reunited nine months...

Watch Deaf Boy’s Sweet Reaction to Seeing Minnie Mouse Sign ‘I Love You’

This deaf little boy couldn't contain his emotions when Minnie Mouse started communicating with him in sign langue.

Israeli Doctors Help Deaf Palestinian Kids Hear For First Time

Thanks to a program that works to build healthier peaceful international relationships, 16 Palestinian children are now able to hear after being given cochlear implants...

Nonverbal Boy with Autism Shares Special Bond with Deaf New Shelter Dog

Connor only communicates through signing and gestures – as fate would have it, so does his deaf new companion named Ellie.

Boy Goes From Passing Notes to Learning Sign Language For Deaf Classmate–and Wins Award

When Isam first started out at his new school, he had no way of making new friends because of his deafness – until Ross made all the difference.