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Homeless Dad Receives Flood of Support After Woman Tried to Facebook Shame Him for Sleeping in McDonalds

A woman's frustrated Facebook post turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a homeless dad who has been struggling to make ends meet.

Buy an Electric Vehicle at Best Buy, Plug it in at McDonalds

Best Buy will soon roll out electric vehicles they hope will zoom off the showroom floor, including the Brammo Enertia, an all-electric motorcycle...

Homeless Man Offered a Job After Expressing His Gratitude Toward Jogger Who Gave Him Shoes Off His Feet

This homeless man has finally been given the chance to turn his life around—and it is all thanks to a jogger who felt inspired to give him his shoes.

Hearts Are Melting Over Waiter’s Compassion Towards 91-Year-old Dining Alone

People eating at the nearby tables could barely contain their emotions over the heartfelt exchange between this waiter and his elderly patron.

Uber Driver Named ‘Jesus’ Makes 400-Mile Round Trip So Passengers Can Attend Aunt’s 100th Birthday

When two sisters were left stranded 200 miles away from their destination, a compassionate Uber driver turned out to be the answer to their prayers.

Two Little Girls Have a Petition and Powerful Video for McDonald’s—It May Signal the End of Wasteful Plastic Toys

Since these determined young activists started campaigning for the end of free plastic toys in kids meals, their mission has gotten a massive response.

Maryland Poised to Become the First State to Ban Polystyrene Food Containers

If approved by the governor, Maryland would become the first state to ban polystyrene products.

Seniors Conquer Loneliness and Chores With App That Hires ‘Grandkids On-Demand’ at College

Seniors no longer have to suffer through the loneliness of their golden years thanks to an app that pairs them with “grandkids on-demand”.

Father Thanks Stranger for Entertaining His Daughter in the Airport: ‘This is the world I want for her’

These sweet new BBFs are a perfect example of how friendship can go beyond race, age, and politics.

11-Year-old Girl Has Been Granting the Simple Wishes of Nursing Home Patients

This 11-year-old girl may not be a magical genie, but she is winning hearts for her magical mission of granting wishes to nursing home...

The Best Environmental News of 2018 — Earth Seems to be in Good Hands After All

Reviewing the most popular environmental achievements of 2018 is the perfect way to invigorate and inspire you for the year ahead.

Read the Amusing Card That Two Cheeky Mailmen Have Been Sending to Each Other for 43 Years

It all started as a joke to save money – but now, these two retired mailmen refuse to quit their amusing holiday tradition.

10-Year-old is Traveling 620 Miles to Clean-up Coastlines, After Whale Dies With 30 Plastic Bags Ingested

When Lilly Platt first heard about the ‘plastic whale’ that washed up on a Norway beach, she became determined to clean up ocean pollution – no matter how many miles were in the way.

World’s Second Largest Fast Food Chain Begins Phase-Out of Plastic Straws

Plastic straws have just broke the back of yet another global food chain. McDonald's announced on Wednesday that they would be joining the ranks of...

Versace Joins Alliance of Fashion Labels That Are Ditching Animal Furs From Clothing Lines

Italian fashion company Versace has just announced that it is joining the ever-growing list of designer brands that are ditching animal fur from their...

Congregation ‘Miraculously’ Unharmed After Tornado Destroys Church Around Them

This congregation was attending a service at their church on Saturday night when they were told terrifying news: a tornado was headed right in...

City to Offer Workshop on How to Raise Backyard Chickens

Ever wanted to learn how to raise your own backyard foul in an ethical and sustainable way? Well now is your chance.

Off-duty Cop Saves 3-Year-old Girl On the Way to His Wedding

John O'Rourke's wedding day wasn't just exciting because of the ceremony – he also saved the life of a little 3-year-old girl. John had stopped...

Boy Saves Mom’s Life By Doing the Opposite of What She Said

Kids are taught to do what their parents tell them to do – but in this case, it's good that Camdyn Smith didn't follow...

McDonald’s Worker Jumps Through Window to Save Cop

McDonald's employee Pedro Viloria is being hailed as a hero after he jumped through a drive-thru window to save a customer who had fallen...