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Robert Downey Jr. is Creating a Foundation That Will Use Robots to Clean Up the Environment

This latest announcement from the Marvel actor is just another example of how Robert Downey Jr. is indeed the real-life Tony Stark.

If You Donate to Robert Downey Jr. Fundraiser, You Could Hang Out With Him at Avengers World Premiere

The A-lister is holding the contest so his charity can donate all of the funds towards researching a disease that is ailing one of his fans.

Now You Can Give Back by Hanging Out With Robert Downey Jr For His New Charity

Robert Downey Jr. had so much fun last year hanging out with contest-winning fans—while at the same time generating a cool two million dollars...

Robert Downey Jr. Comes to the Rescue of Bullied 7-Year-old

To get past the bullies at school, Daniel Keyte tells them he has a special reactor in his chest, just like comic book hero...

Boy Gets New Bionic Arm From ‘Tony Stark’ Himself (Robert Downey Jr.)

Robert Downey Jr. took time last weekend to present Alex Pring with a new hi-tech prosthetic arm designed to look like the red metallic...
Robert Downey Jr-quicheisinsane

Robert Downey Jr. Showed His True Heart to a Bleeding Stranger in the 90’s

I’m willing to go out on a limb here and guess that most stories of kindness do not begin with drug addicted celebrity bad...

Good News in History, November 17

30 years ago today, the Velvet Revolution dawned in Czechoslovakia when a peaceful student demonstration in Prague was brutally beaten back, and it sparked...

Leonardo DiCaprio Launches $5 Million Emergency Fund to Help Combat Amazon Rainforest Fires

The Oscar award-winning actor is not the only one helping to combat the Amazon rainforest fires, either.

Scientists Create First-Ever Magnetic Liquid – and Its Movements Are Mesmerizing – ‘We almost couldn’t believe it’

Both inventors of centuries past and scientists of today have found ingenious ways to make our lives better with magnets—from the magnetic needle on...

Jaden Smith Celebrates 21st Birthday By Deploying Vegan Food Truck to Hand Out Free Meals to Homeless

The talented young actor and musician says that the pop-up giveaway will be the first of many on Skid Row and across Los Angeles.

How You and Your Friends May Soon Be Able to Play Video Games Together Using Only Your Minds

A groundbreaking piece of research shows that groups of people can communicate wordlessly by concentrating on the right answer—and they were correct 13 out...

Researchers Teleport Information to Be Stored Within a Diamond

Japanese researchers have succeeded in teleporting information on a quantum level – and it has huge implications for the future of technology.

Researchers Have Successfully Made First-Ever Robotic Arm That Can Be Controlled By Your Mind

For the first time ever, researchers have created a robotic arm that can be non-invasively controlled by the user's mind.

Good News in History, April 4

75 years ago today, 14-year-old German Holocaust victim, Anne Frank, wrote in her diary: “I want to go on living even after my death! And...

Good News in History, February 11

Happy Birthday to actress Jennifer Aniston who turns 50 years old today. She celebrated at a birthday bash in Los Angeles Saturday attended by all...

Good News in History, January 5

50 years ago today, the Prague Spring began after a reformist was elected in the Communist party of Czechoslovakia. The liberal-minded Alexander Dubcek started to grant additional rights to the citizens, by loosening restrictions on the media, speech and travel. The Soviet Union finally brought down an iron fist to halt the democratization eight months later, invading the country with a half a million heavily-armed troops. But it wasn’t enough to stop a spirited non-violent resistance mounted throughout the country… (1968)

People Are Posting Stories of Celebrities Being Nice to Them and it is Incredibly Refreshing

Though it may seem like there are endless allegations against celebrities for one crime or another these days, it's good to remember that not...

Check Out the Crappy First Jobs for Elon Musk, Taylor Swift and Madonna

Did you know that before Elon Musk was worth $21 billion, he was a jumpsuit-wearing janitor? Or that Taylor Swift's former job was keeping Christmas trees free of insects?

Hospice Patient Cheered by ‘Sexy’ Shout Out From Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Beloved Hollywood hunk Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doesn't just look good – he can also make time to send love and support to his...

When Boy Donates Prized Jersey For Puerto Rico Relief, Soccer Hero Responds in Kind

This 7-year-old donated his most prized possession to raise money for Puerto Rico – and he managed to impress his soccer hero in the process.