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What may be the longest bike path in the world is in the works — stretching the entire length of the Eastern United States coast, from Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida.

Since 1991, the East Coast Greenway Alliance has been working on plans for the 2,900 mile-long Greenway bike path. It would incorporate existing bike paths along the coast, connecting them with new trails along rivers, canals, and former railroad lines.

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When finished, it will connect 25 major cities and 16 states. The nonprofit group is working with communities and states along the route to build the connector sections, which would be maintained by local governments.


When it’s completed, you should be able to ride the entire length in about two months — by pedaling 50 miles a day.

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The project is about 31 percent complete, Dennis Markatos-Soriano, executive director of ECGA, told CityLab. He estimates it will be ready to ride within four years.

(Photos: Jill111, CC; ECGA)

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