Clyde the dog has spent half of this live dragging around a massive tumor on his chest – but now, thanks to a dedicated team of employees, he has gotten a second chance at life.

The shepherd-husky mix was only recently dropped off at the Gallatin County Animal Shelter in Sparta, Kentucky earlier this week. Because his tumor had grown to weigh 6.2 pounds, the owner told veterinary staff to have Clyde euthanized.

Instead, shelter workers posted a photo of Clyde on Facebook with a plea for help. Luckily, workers with the Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) saw his picture and volunteered to help.

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The pooch was then taken to the County Animal Hospital in Mason where – after just two hours of surgery – his tumor was successfully removed.

HART, which is a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit that saves animals from euthanization and pairs them with foster homes, is currently asking for donations to help finance Clyde’s recovery.

Volunteers also say that – despite having to live with the growth for the last six months – Clyde is a happy pup with a heart of gold. Once veterinarians give him a biopsy and make sure the tumor isn’t a sign of cancer, he will be put up for adoption so he can find a loving forever home.

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