You don’t have to be an elf to help Santa during this year’s holiday season.

As the US Postal Service prepares to start mailing letters to the North Pole, they have launched their online service that allows users to “adopt” children’s letters to Santa in order to help deliver gifts for low-income families.

The USPS Operation Santa website has been publishing photos of Christmas wishes from children in 15 US cities whose parents may not be able to afford many gifts. Users can then volunteer to anonymously fulfill the Christmas wish on behalf of Santa.

This is the 107th year that Operation Santa has been running—except USPS expanded the service this year to include letters from 8 more cities.

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All participants have to do is create an account on the Operation Santa website, select a letter that plucks at their heartstrings, fulfill the Christmas wish as desired, and ship it from a participating post office before December 21st.

Children from any of the cities listed on the USPS site who may want to send a letter to Santa can address their letters to:

Santa Claus
123 Elf Road
North Pole

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