Lisa and Amy Battle

It’s never too late to find out more about your family – and this 48-year-old adopted woman from Georgia is certainly glad that she decided to investigate her biological family after decades of mystery.

Amy Battle was adopted in a happy and loving home when she was just 5 months old. Though she had been happy growing up with her adoptive parents, she always wondered about her biological family.

Her heritage remained a mystery until Battle’s oldest daughter finally convinced her to take a 23andMe Ancestry kit – and she was stunned by the results.

The service connected Battle with a man named Stevie who was identified as her brother. Upon chatting with her long-lost sibling, she was told that she had 22 siblings in total – 11 on her mother’s side and 11 on her father’s side.

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“I knew I was adopted, but not much else,” Battle told Good News Network. “After taking the test, I received the surprise of my life.”

“Connecting with and talking to Stevie – my youngest brother – for the first time was wonderful,” she added. “Then, when I found out I have 11 siblings on my mother’s side I was shocked. I went from crying, to shocked, to very excited.”

The siblings on her mother’s side range in age from 46 to 65, although she has not yet confirmed the ages of the siblings on her father’s side.

In total, Battle has made contact with 20 of her brother and sisters, and she says that they are still trying to track down the last sibling. She now plans on taking a cross-country road trip with her children this summer in order to finally meet their long-lost family.

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