This family may be considered “hardheaded”, but they would do anything in order to stick together – even if it means wearing helmets in the sweltering Texas heat.

The Gutierrez family recently welcomed the birth of a hefty baby boy named Jonas. Currently at 4 months old, the infant is an adorable addition to the family.

Jonas’s parents were horrified to discover, however, that he was quickly developing a flat spot on the back of his head. It also didn’t help that – unlike most newborns – he was a very heavy sleeper. Lying on his back only made the flat spot worse, to the point where it was widening the features on the rest of his face.

Luckily, the condition, which is known as brachycephaly, is easily treatable. All Jonas has to do to keep a healthy head shape is to wear a helmet.

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For the next few months, Jonas is destined to wear the little helmet so it can mold his head to the proper dimensions.

While older kids might be a little embarrassed by the device, Jonas’s older sister Camila loved it – so much so that she demanded the rest of the family wear helmets to match Jonas’s.

Jonas’s parents Shanya and Gary appreciated the gesture of solidarity and posted photos of the helmet-wearing family to social media. The photos quickly went viral, with users applauding their endearing familial unity.

“Let’s be honest: having two young kids can be tough, so helmets are probably a good idea anyway,” Gutierrez told TODAY. “Now I feel a little less anxious if Camila throws her toys and hits Jonas or if he takes a dreaded tumble off the couch.”

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