Ben Sowards has accumulated a lot of parenting experience from his 11 kids – so when his 6-year-old daughter Valerie had a little bathroom accident at her school on Friday, he knew exactly what to do.

After accidentally wetting herself during class, the kindergartener wrapped a jacket around her waist to hide the accident and walked to the school’s office. Valerie called her dad, told him what happened, and waited to be picked up.

Ben, not wanting his daughter to feel ashamed, gave himself a patching wet spot on the front of his pants before driving over to the school.

When he arrived, proudly sporting his stained trousers, Valerie couldn’t believe her eyes.

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“She just looked at him… just in awe,” Ben’s oldest daughter Lucinda told KXTV. “He pretended like they were sneaking out of the school together, like they were both getting away with something.”

The elder sister goes on to say that her parents have always emphasized that there is nothing too serious that they can’t overcome just by laughing it off. The Sowards have only proved their point since pictures of Ben and Valerie taken on Friday went viral overnight.

Praise poured in from social media in recognition of Ben’s astute parenting skills.

“It’s something people can relate to – whether they can be a parent like that, or have a parent like that, or to have people say, ‘I don’t have a dad but I can’t wait to be this type of person,’” Lucinda told KXTV.

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