school started by Pakistani teacherFor three years, while she attended middle school in another part of Karachi, Humaira Bachal’s father had no idea what his daughter was doing.

Beyond grade five, her mother hid her daughter’s schooling and endured beatings when the truth was discovered.

Since finishing high school, Humaira, 25, has become a crusader for education going door-to-door asking other fathers to send their daughters to school.

She persevered and now runs a school with 22 teachers and 1,200 students.

In a country where young women have been shot for advocating schooling for girls, Humaira says, “I want to change the way my community looks at education, and I will continue to do this until my last breath.”

Recently, she starred in a documentary series which focused on extraordinary Pakistanis.

(READ or listen to the story from NPR – Watch part of the documentary video below)

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