A relieved Massachusetts man has been reunited with his wedding ring thanks to some fellow hikers who decided to try their luck at finding it.

Looking for Bill Giguere’s lost golden wedding band was like searching for a needle in a haystack. He had lost it during a daytime hike along a 10-mile loop trail by Mount Hancock in New Hampshire. The only clue that he had to its location was that he believed it had fallen off after he had briefly removed his gloves at the mountain summit.

By the time he had returned to his car after the hike and noticed that his ring was missing, the daylight was already fading from the 4,000-foot mountain.

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He then decided to take his chances by posting about his missing ring in a Facebook group for hiking enthusiasts. Luckily, the post was spotted by Tom Gately and his friend Brendan Cheevar.

“As I read the post, my heart had gone out to him because I’ve lost my wedding ring before and I was going to be on the mountain at the same time,” Gately told CBS reporters.

Gately didn’t believe there was any chance of finding the ring on a snowy 10-mile trail—but he decided to improve his odds by bringing along his metal detector.

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Within minutes of Gately and his friends reaching the summit, his metal detector started beeping. He then brushed away some snow only to find the missing wedding ring.

“Everybody just started clapping,” Cheever told WCVB. “You couldn’t believe it.”

After Giguere received a Facebook message about how they had found the ring, the grateful man drove 60 miles to Gately’s house so he could pick up the previous token and thank the New Hampshire man for his efforts.

(WATCH the news coverage below OR our international viewers can watch the footage on the CBS website) — Feature photo by Brendan Cheevar

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