When a desperate independent bookseller tweeted about experiencing the “worst day ever” in sales, the community responded in full force.

28-year-old Georgia Duffy took to social media earlier this week saying that her book store, Imagined Things in Harrogate, England, had only earned $16.16 (£12.34) in sales on Monday.

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Duffy first opened up the store in July after she decided to quit her job as a radiographer and open a book shop. Though the shop has experienced some tough times here and there, the last few weeks have apparently been especially difficult.

“If anyone was thinking about buying a book, now would be a great time!” she wrote. “A card, a book, anything makes a huge difference to a small business like ours. We’d be very grateful for your support.”

Within a few days, Duffy became inundated with support. Book orders, donations, and messages of encourage started pouring in from all over the country.

According to the BBC, the store sold 70 books on Tuesday, compared to its average of 12.

Additionally, Welsh author and columnist Allison Pearson offered to stop by the store to do a book reading and signing.

“The response has been phenomenal,” Duffy told the news outlet.

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