Alabama woman gets renovated homeLunchtime conversations with strangers can sometimes lead to miraculous luck. Such was the outcome for an Alabama woman working at a sandwich shop whose friendship with a compassionate Methodist Pastor led to a fresh start.

Jessica lost her home in the Huntsville tornado last year and during the past year she has been homeless, hopping from her mother’s house to shelters, and motels, all while working two jobs and caring for her two children, according to WHNT.

Compounding her misery, Pastor Calvin noticed her absence from the Subway shop and found out she was being hospitalized with cancer.

Hearing the news drove him to galvanize an army of do-gooders at his Ford’s Chapel United Methodist Church.

The congregation renovated a dilapidated trailer home, installing new flooring, plumbing, and electricity. The process took two months and Jessica got her first peek on Sunday.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from Huffington Post)

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