Hollywood star Amy Adams tried to keep her kindness quiet, but an ESPN reporter overheard the actress giving up her first class seat to an American soldier, on her way to L.A. from Detroit.

Jemele Hill witnessed the interaction and broke the news on Twitter.

E-Online says Adams was in Michigan the past month filming the superhero film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now it’s “Lois Lane” who is the superhero, for one serviceman, at least.

Ernest Owens boarded the same Delta plane and found his seat in coach, and realized that Adams would be sitting next to him for the flight. The two posed for a selfie that was posted on Twitter during the flight. Watch a video below with his and Hill’s reaction.

Adams’ father was a U.S. Army Serviceman, and she told a reporter she’s “always wanted to do that”.


Photo credit: Ernest [email protected] on Twitter

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