For the last decade, this anonymous philanthropist has routinely bought out the entire children’s section of Goodwill so each kid in the store could take home one gift for free.

When asked why this Secret Santa does what he does, he simply said it had become “an important part of his family’s Christmas tradition”, according to the Coloradoan.

On the days leading up to the special holiday event, the Goodwill store in Fort Collins, Colorado had set aside plenty of children’s books, toys, and stuffed animals so there would be enough goodies for all their little customers throughout the day. Any child who entered the store on Saturday was told that they could select one item to take home with them – no strings attached.

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After the donor had written out a check to cover the cost of the gifts earlier in the day, one of the company’s staff members got on the intercom and announced the good news to the customers – much to the delight of the youngsters.

The Coloradoan says that the donor and his wife briefly stayed to watch the joyous reactions before “slipping out the front door, unnoticed”.

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