It had been a long day for these 25 California firefighters.

The team had spent the evening fighting the 70-acre La Cadena blaze in La Loma Hills before going to Denny’s for a well-earned meal.

As they were eating, however, an anonymous woman told the restaurant staff that she wanted to pick up the tab for their meal – a $350 bill, plus a $50 tip.

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She also reportedly threw in $100 for dessert.

The Colton Fire Department was so grateful for the generous gesture, they posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook with a thank you note.

“This woman paid for the meal of all of the firefighters at Denny’s at that time, plus tip for a total of $405; she also paid $100 for dessert for all of the crews,” said the post. “On behalf of all of the firefighters that worked on the La Cadena Fire … we thank you for your generous show of support. We are all honored to serve the citizens of our communities.”

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(Photo by City of Colton Fire)