New Zealand has made headlines in the past for their side-splitting public service announcement videos – and their most recent short film is no exception.

As a means of drawing in tourists to their little country, Tourism New Zealand recently produced a viral clip about a dastardly nationwide conspiracy: New Zealand is “disappearing” from world maps.

Comedic actor Rhys Darby and New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern immediately tackle the case so they can investigate exactly why Kiwis are being left off the globe.

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The dynamic duo uncovers several clues as to the country’s disappearance, and they mostly have to do with the jealousy of other nations – from England feeling covetous of their rugby glory to France trying to steal the title for “best wine”.

Regardless, the video’s dry humor is just another example of why more people actually ought to visit New Zealand – but if you need a bit more motivation, Tourism New Zealand also provided ten more reasons why they deserve to be on everyone’s map.

(WATCH the amusing video below)

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