If you have ever thought about joining a law enforcement team, the New Zealand police force make a compelling case.

In a wildly entertaining new recruitment video called Freeze!, the nation’s police department use bagpipes, police cats, parkour, and amusing dialogue to entice possible new officers onto the team.

Even the credits have been given a comical touch with the AOS members’ names simply being listed as “Sorry we can’t tell you his or her name” and “none of your concern”.

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While the video filmed reminiscent of how action movies think police life is like, most of the officers end up using their adrenaline to do little things for their community – like helping an old man across the street and dancing with youngsters.

Being a police officer may not be the job for you, but you gotta hand it to them – the recruitment video sure beats looking at online job listings.

(WATCH the video below)

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