Cops Escort Boy -Amarillo Independent School District

After losing his police officer dad, this little four-year-old boy had an army of stand-ins for his first day of school.

Dozens of officers from the Amarillo Police Department were standing in for a 39 year-old cop who died earlier this month from car accident injuries sustained a year ago. They escorted him into the Coronado Elementary school and lined up in the Texas hallway to give young Jackson hugs and support on his important first day of pre-kindergarten.

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Jackson “really enjoyed having everyone here,” his mom, Jessica Scherlen, told KVII News. “Just to know that he’s still loved by the blue family and that they still care . . .emotionally, it’s awesome to see.”

These friends with badges also escorted two of Jessica’s other children to their first day of classes.

(WATCH the moving video below KVII) –Photos courtesy of Amarillo Independent School District

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